Nudity can be good, real and eye opener !






Dear Facebook ! Some nudities are splendid and worth to share, some nudities are real and tragic still worth to share, and some are very natural and healthy that we called menstrual cycle.

Last year Facebook suspended a French teacher’s page because he posted Gustave Courbert’s The Origin of the World which is a stunning work of art, a gorgeous display of painterly brilliance and a cornerstone of the French Realistic movement, but according to Facebook it was not an art but a simple tasteless pornography

Yesterday Facebook cracks down on iconic Vietnam War photo over nudity (9 yrs old Vietnamesse girl running away naked from a napalm attack) for same reason this picture is also being pornographic and unnecessarily nude for FB, even same photograph won Pulitzer Award

Today Instagram apologies for deactivating photographer Harley Weir’s account after pictures showing menstrual blood.

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