One of my close friend asked me that why I choose Pantheism as a form of belief, my answers are below, also there is a little test link i shared at the end of my answer, so you can see that you are a Pantheist or you have a similar kind of mind set.

I respect the rights not just of humans but of all living beings.

And Pantheism focuses on saving the planet rather than “saving” our so called eternal souls.

It encourages you to make the most and best of your one life here.

It values reason and the scientific method over adherence to ridiculous ancient scriptures. Pantheism is the only form of spirituality I know of which fully embraces science as part of the human exploration of Earth and The Universe.

I wonder at the picture of a vast, creative and often violent Universe revealed by the Hubble Space Telescope.

I regard stargazing as a peaceful practice.

I strongly oppose climate change denial and evolution denial, especially in education.

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