My friend and his business … both middle of the most ridiculous conspiracy theory.



The conspiracy is that the political elite have been running child sex rings disguised as pizza parlours, (especially my good friend James Alefantis’ joint located here in DC, called Comet Pizza and Ping Pong) where they allegedly abuse, molest and perform gruesome satanic rituals on children, sometimes (or often?) murdering them in the process.

Apparently this has been going on for decades, and they refer to pizza and pizza-related topics as a euphemism for abducting and molesting/performing rituals on children. So easy to be troll and throw a pile of shit to people’s face and business. This people are not reporters they are just moronically skeptical or solid trolls, and everything thay claims are  baseless. You guys are bunch of loosers, should do your due diligence and not start pointing fingers without any proof to the honest people.

just click the link and read this stupidest accusations .

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