Saat tamiri

This is 1890 Seth Thomas spring driven grandmother clock and completely dead at this moment. Regulator is bended. Chime rods are not attached, snail can’t govern the minute hand. Anyway I bought this very clock back in 2017 in Kensington MD.

Since every clock repairman put his name and date somewhere inside the mechanism after his repair done and there are no visible signature and date in this particular clock i can easily say no one touched her (at least professionally) since early 20th century. (Box holding brackets are fairly new therefore i guessed the above date) I watched a lot of “The repair Shop” episodes from Netflix. I might not be a horologist but i will definetly try to repair this girl.

And after dismantled almost every single piece of gear (which was a hardest puzzle ever) i gave to this old lady life again. Now she is ticking n tocking but of course i am not sure how accurate at this moment. However the chime part is little tricky than i thought

Two different spring boxes conserve the energy and control the chimes ( one for hourly one for half hour) which i believe westminister church chime.

I will update if i can successfully or not successfully done with her melody part. God knows i really hope she will chime an chimes with westminister.

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